Milestones are a Time for Reflection and Looking Ahead

John S. Korsmo, Jr.

The year 2023 marks Korsmo Construction’s 75th year as a family-owned business in the South Sound area. While milestones offer a time to reflect on the past, we also celebrate the future and new opportunities for growth and change.

Our family business gave me an early start to a career in the construction industry. I remember driving to the job site each morning with my uncle and the smell of black coffee coming from his thermos and coffee cup. We would listen to the radio and talk about the job and what was going to happen that day. I remember the work crews gathering early at the site, preparing for the day ahead. It was apparent our company was very dedicated to each construction project. Superintendents and foremen came into the office after work to report on the week’s activities. Everyone was working toward a common goal. There was a sense of dedication and cohesiveness, true professionalism in the trade and work at hand.

The first fleet of Korsmo trucks

There was always work to do. I remember long days that included getting an early start on a job in progress, then staying late to prepare bids for future projects. There seemed to be time to enjoy the work week and somehow enough time left over to enjoy family. We had company gatherings, picnics, and fishing trips. And of course, the Saturday and Sunday “fun” drives to the job sites.

This has always been a family business. Many of my family members have been employed, as well as other long-time team members, carpenters, and laborers. Family values and dedication to all employees were always apparent. As children growing up in this company, my cousins, sisters, and I were hired for summer jobs. We enjoyed working; we were part of building something. We were taught to respect the work and gain respect by the work we performed. We were trained by skilled and qualified craftspeople who led by example. Our family members were carpenters by trade. They, along with other craftworkers, showed us how to work and taught us to be proud of our work and our accomplishments.

Edna and John Korsmo, Sr. on a jobsite tractor

Construction was fun. That was my first impression. I was exposed to a multitude of tasks being performed by many different companies all working together. I remember subcontractors coming on the job sites and materials arriving from suppliers; owners observing the progress and anticipating the finished product. Superintendents and architects worked together making the blueprints come to life. This all seemed to flow so effortlessly through young and confident eyes. My family and I were proud of the buildings we built.

The projects and relationships Korsmo Construction built in the early years have shaped our company’s core values, and those relationships continue to bind us to our clients and communities. We can identify ourselves through these accomplishments and know what it means to be accountable and responsible. The drive and passion to build a successful project has been deeply instilled within us and our company.

Korsmo Construction is fortunate to have grown from our past, embraced change, and matured from our early beginnings. We have built on the reputation of quality and hard work that was done from the start.

John visiting a jobsite with his son Beau

John visiting a jobsite with his daughter Kira

A toast to three generations: John Korsmo, Sr., John Korsmo, Jr., and Beau Korsmo

Today, we retain these same family values and commitment, and work to instill these values throughout our company. The work ethic I grew up with shaped my expectations for this company, as well as my hopes for the construction industry. We hold ourselves to these standards and expect the same from our trade partners.

Our basis for growth is relationships with our clients, partners, and teammates. We provide a guarantee for quality and value that is backed by our company’s goals and vision. We strive to reflect our community while promoting diversity, opportunity, and belonging in our industry. We want construction to be a positive environment and experience for all and the best investments our clients ever make.

As we reflect on 75 years in business, we look forward to sharing more of the Korsmo story with all of you who have become a part of our family and celebrating your partnership in helping us build for a stronger community.


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