Developing Successful Relationships

At Korsmo, we view subcontractors and suppliers as valuable members of our project teams. We work hard to develop long-standing relationships with the businesses we utilize in our efforts to provide quality projects through a safe construction environment.

Korsmo’s subcontractor outreach approach is intended to provide the maximum practical opportunity for the participation of all subcontractors on our projects including small, minority, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses. We believe our continued success is based on our ability to create and sustain relationships with a wide range of subs and suppliers to develop effective subcontractor participation on all of our projects.

To support and encourage participation from as many subcontractors as feasible we utilize a variety of techniques including:

  • Communication of bid opportunities through direct contact and social media
  • Project specific subcontractor fairs to share project information
  • Creating bid package size and scope that fits the subcontractor community
  • Ongoing and continuous outreach to local subcontractors
  • Transfer of knowledge gained in preconstruction to bidding subcontractors via detailed bid package instructions