Construction Technology

Technology Driven Quality Control

Korsmo’s in-house virtual design and construction (VDC) professionals work with owners and architects to bring designs to life before our crews ever break ground, converting drawings to intelligent 3D models that visually demonstrate how all elements of the project fit together. By integrating all trades and activities into the model, we can minimize system clashes and the need for rework during construction, ultimately saving the owner’s time and money.

At Korsmo Construction, we use VDC just like any other tool in the field: to precisely construct a building with care and flexibility. We combine this cutting-edge technology with our trusted field techniques to create a building experience that is not only efficient and collaborative but has a lasting and positive impact on the building’s functionality.

We maximize the benefit of VDC and building information modeling by using the virtual model as a true project management tool throughout the life of a project. Instead of referring to multiple sets of drawings to find the necessary information, VDC technology allows our project teams access to all project information in one place. Field and office staff can seamlessly access and update live plans through desktop and mobile workstations and iPads, so all team members have the most current information.

More Expertise

Preconstruction Services

Through proactive and collaborative planning, our Preconstruction Department provides creative solutions to achieve the perfect balance between quality, budget and schedule on our projects.

Construction Services

Our years of experience completing complex new construction and renovation projects have allowed us to refine and improve our processes. As a result our clients receive quality, cost-effective construction services with a high level of accountability and facility functionality.

Service Division

Korsmo Construction’s Service Division was created to offer building solutions to clients with projects of a smaller scope, while still providing the same quality and expertise we deliver on larger projects.

Service Department

Korsmo Construction’s Service Department provides tenant improvement services and small project delivery for scopes of work between $1,000 and $100,000.

Construction Technology

Combining cutting-edge technology with our trusted field techniques allows us to create a building experience that is not only efficient and collaborative, but has a lasting and positive impact on the building’s functionality.

Project Delivery Methods

Our dynamic and experienced teams provide strong leadership and personalized service on a wide range of delivery methods, including Design-Build, GC/CM, Design-Bid-Build, Privately Negotiated and Hard Bid contracts.

Green Building

Korsmo’s approach to sustainable construction is based on integration, stewardship and respect for the environment. It is our goal to construct all projects using sustainable practices, regardless of whether the project is pursuing a specific green building certification.

Self Performed Work

Along with site supervision, safety and construction management services, Korsmo frequently self-performs scopes of work such as structural building concrete, foundations, steel installations and carpentry in order to ensure the best possible product is delivered to our owners.


At Korsmo Construction, safety is everybody’s job. We strive to make the safety of our employees, subcontractors and the general public the highest priority every day.