Rhein Haus German Restaurant

Rhein Haus, a popular German restaurant, located in Tacoma, Washington was part of the Titus Will Adaptive Reuse project in Tacoma’s Stadium District. The one story, 14,000 square foot restaurant features two bars, a full kitchen, unique lighting features from Michael Douglas’ house, street lights from Seattle in the early 1900’s. Picnic-table seating, a metal merry-go-round, and some of the metal along the bar was all refurbished from a location in Germany in the late 1800’s.  The restaurant also features four bocce ball courts, two shuffle boards, bimini rings, and cornhole.
There is also a large outdoor mezzanine with seating that overlooks Wright Park. Most of the original millwork in the building was preserved and left exposed to match the aesthetics of the Rhein Haus’ Seattle location, which is visually reminiscent of a Bavarian lodge.

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