Paradise Inn Annex and Connection Snowbridge

The historic Paradise Inn Annex is a century-old chateau with 79 guest rooms at Mt. Rainier National Park. Historic renovation presented numerous challenges while meeting the National Park Service’s requirements to retain the aesthetics and historic elements of the original building. The project included upgraded mechanical and electrical systems; new foundation, roof, and siding; structural, fire system, and energy-efficiency improvements; and interior finishes and wood trim. A snowbridge connecting the main inn with the annex also received new siding, roofing, electrical systems, and finishes.

At an elevation of 5,400 feet, Paradise Inn averages 53.4 feet of snow per year. Under the weight of heavy snow over time, about one-third of the building had dropped six inches. Project challenges included shoring and supporting the building to replace the entire foundation within a short work window before snow arrived. The Korsmo team ensured they had the methods of construction and materials approved and on site in order to support a very condensed schedule.

With very limited access and material storage areas, a laydown yard was established about 40 miles from the site. Each day, the team brought small loads of materials to the site. They completed excavations, new footings, and using shotcrete, completed the exterior foundation in just 10 weeks, finishing on the day of the first major snowfall of the season.

I can tell you have the strong support of your management and ensure a tightly run process to manage the safety of your employees. Your documentation and process for training, accountability, job hazard analysis, and incident reporting appear to be organized, thorough, and clear. It is very clear that your priorities lie in the safety of your employees, and we are grateful for working with a company that regards safety so highly. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your commitment to ensuring that all operations conducted on this project not only meet OSHA regulations, but also follow good practices for safe operations.

— LCDR Jennifer Cheng-Dobson, Occupational Safety and Health Program Manager: U.S. Department of the Interior/National Park Service

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