Grant Center for the Expressive Arts

This new 55,000-square-foot elementary school in Tacoma integrates the arts into all core academic subject areas. The new building is a one-story, wood-framed structure designed to accommodate prekindergarten through fifth grade students.

The new school emphasizes dedicated art spaces, such as theater, dance, music, visual arts, graphic arts, culinary arts, and movement. The layout is organized around an exterior courtyard space functioning as the main circulation between programs while also providing for outdoor opportunities for performing arts.

The building and grounds support multiple classrooms, a shared learning studio, covered play structure, soft-surface play area with playground equipment, and synthetic field. There is also a new student drop off and bus loading area.

From recruitment efforts and working to get qualifying businesses certified to breaking up scopes, mentoring, and connecting smaller businesses with larger contractors, Korsmo is getting real results and helping build a strong future for our community.

— Alicia Lawver, Strategic Program Analyst: Tacoma Public Schools

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