UW Tacoma Tioga Library Building

The Tioga Library Building on the UW Tacoma campus houses expanded library resources and is connected to the original Snoqualmie Library Building by a pedestrian sky bridge over the Prairie Line Trail that runs through the UW Tacoma campus.

The basement and first two floors of the 50,000 square foot structure are activated for Library use and currently house library stacks, classrooms and offices. The third and fourth floors have been shelled and will be completed in the future upon identification of program needs and additional funding.

The Tioga Building is named for its neighbor, the historic Tioga Building built in 1890 for the Richmond-Stoppenbach Paper Company. The new four-story structure shares a stair tower with the adjacent building allowing easy access between the two. The exterior is clad with terracotta tiles, visually reminiscent of the historic red brick warehouses that are home to most of the University’s academic programs.

A large purple W that lights up at night adorns the east facade of the building, and helps designate what will some day be the center of the University’s campus.

[Korsmo] works well with an active campus setting. Construction activity and product deliveries were coordinated in a manner which was supportive of ongoing campus activities. They always kept a positive attitude with the many challenges of working on a developing campus.

— Lanie Ralph, former Senior PM/CM: University of Washington Capital Projects Office

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