South Seattle College Integrated Education Center

The Integrated Education Center (IEC) brings together two different program types: Health Sciences and Basic Skills. This unique pairing provided the opportunity to embrace shared accommodations of varied programs and teaching/learning needs. This 59,000-square-foot building began with a predesign and includes a diverse array of social and informal learning settings, immersive clinical simulation labs, and
traditional learning spaces.

The project creates a learning-centered environment that promotes diverse social and study settings as the norm to address the complexities of programmatic, personal, and cultural influences that are inherent in addressing healthcare and basic skills program needs. Within the IEC is a clinical simulation lab designed to mimic the hospital environment and provide a realistic training environment for the Nursing students. The project also integrates many active and informal learning typologies.

The building is organized around two groupings that highlight integration and immersion. Hallway space was leveraged to serve the students and faculty by providing interactive social
learning space equipped with technology. Acknowledging the transient patterns of college students and creating desirable interactive space to strengthen relationships, skills, and community. Study and interactive spaces were created for both individual and group work.

The project received LEED Gold certification.

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