Puyallup Nazarene Church

Puyallup Nazarene Church selected Korsmo Construction to renovate outdated church areas into a modernized youth center and gymnasium.

The church racquetball courts were removed to create a new worship and education area for the youth program. Following demolition, spread footings were poured in the racquetball court area to support a new floor structure on the second level. Steel columns and beams were erected on the new footings to carry the weight of the wood-framed floor system, and a large steel beam was installed to support the existing roof structure.

The church renovation also included construction of a new enclosed stairwell to the second floor, reconfigured rooms on the first floor, a full kitchen remodel, sound control upgrades between floors, new gymnasium, new outdoor play area, installation of a new HVAC system, and new campus signage and entry enhancements. Exterior enhancements included minor siding repairs and paint, parking lot entrances, cross walks, and sections of sidewalk, as well as landscaping.

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